Regional airliner"s custom silicone wristbands ukfirst prototype set to roll off assembly line

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A drawing of China"s MA-700, a new short-haul aircraft. [Photo provided to China Daily]

The first MA-700 turboprop regional airliner is scheduled to roll off the assembly line in September and is likely to make its maiden flight before the end of this year, according to Aviation Industry Corp of China, developer and maker of the plane.

Zhou Guoqiang, spokesman for the State-owned aviation conglomerate, which is headquartered in Beijing, said that subcontractors started manufacturing the MA-700"s components in December and some of them are set to begin delivering major parts for the aircraft"s airframe this month.

"According to our schedule, the first MA-700 prototype will roll off its assembly line in September and then make preparations for its debut flight," he said on Saturday. "We will strive to conduct the maiden flight before the end of the year."

AVIC has received 285 orders for the airliner from 11 buyers, he said.

Information previously published by AVIC shows the buyers include China"s Joy Air and Poly Technologies as well as Nepal"s Air Avenues and Cambodia Bayon Airlines.

AVIC launched the development of the MA-700 in December 2013, aiming to use the advanced aircraft to replace the MA-60 and its variants that were developed in the 1990s.

Dong Jianhong, chief designer of the MA-700, said the plane has a maximum carrying capacity of 8.6 metric tons and a maximum takeoff weight of 27.6 tons, and is capable of carrying up to 86 passengers. The aircraft has a top flight range of 2,700 kilometers and a maximum cruise speed of 637 km per hour.

It can take off and land at most airports in the world, even those that have bad infrastructure or are in a tough environment, Dong said.

The aircraft will use advanced equipment from leading suppliers in the aviation industry such as Rockwell Collins, which is based in the United States, and Pratt and Whitney Canada, he said.

In another development, AVIC has announced that in the near future it will start construction on four additional prototypes of the AG600-the world"s largest amphibious aircraft-to speed up test flights.

The seaplane made its maiden land-based flight in December 2017 in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, and carried out the first water-based flight from the Zhanghe Reservoir in Hubei province in October 2018.

There are now two AG600 prototypes undergoing tests. Zhou said production of the third prototype is planned to begin before the end of this year.

Once delivered, the seaplane will mainly be tasked with performing maritime search and rescue and aerial firefighting. It can also be refitted to conduct marine environmental inspections, marine resource surveys, anti-smuggling operations and personnel and supply transportation, according to Huang Lingcai, chief designer of the AG600.

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